Forward Provisions is a local foods delivery service for Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. Place your order by noon on Tuesday for Friday delivery. For more information about delivery, click here!

About Forward Provisions

When the Covid-19 outbreak hit in mid March, there was a lot we didn’t know. We didn’t know much about coronavirus, how long our community would be shut down, or how we would deal with the rapidly changing situation. One thing we did know was that we were going to need to change our way of doing business to fit the lifestyle that quickly became a new way of life. With many of our customers - restaurants, bars, hotels - closing for an unknown amount of time, we lost many important sources of revenue and we knew we needed to adapt. And we weren’t alone; our local food community includes many small artisan food producers who like us, were entering uncertain times. 

Our solution was to come together to create Forward Provisions. A collaboration between some of Wisconsin’s best small artisan food producers, Forward Provisions started as a weekly curated box of local goods shipped or delivered directly to our supporters. Now, this collaborative effort has grown to include the Forward Provisions marketplace; a selection of individual products from our vendor partners that can be purchased instead of or in addition to the weekly box, allowing for more access to these products on a regular basis. 

Additionally, we've been working on a project to help local farmers in our community. With the shuttering of many restaurants and other key customers that local farms rely on to buy their produce, many of these farmers are facing a produce surplus this season. To help keep this from going to waste, we've developed a line of Forward Provisions pickles; preserving these locally grown veggies and creating something delicious in the process.