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The Quince and Apple Company

The Quince & Apple Company is a small artisan producer of handcrafted preserves, as well as candied nuts, cocktail syrups, and candy. Like many other local food crafters, we’ve been greatly affected by the shuttering of restaurants, bars, and specialty shops across the country,  as these account for a large portion of our revenue. We appreciate the support of our local customers and our community of artisan producers during this unpredictable time. 


Bayk Madison

[bayk] MADISON, a woman-owned Dane County artisan “micro-baykery”, creates the highly sought after, visually fascinating, and OH-SO delicious BABKA by [bayk]. The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit at a time where [bayk] MADISON should be hiring a new employee or two, commissioning newly installed ‘bayking’ equipment, making sales calls to our targeted grocery and café accounts, planning for weekly vending at the Monroe Street Farmers’ Market, ramping up wholesale and retail production, and scheduling a Grand Opening celebration for our new commercial production and retail space located at Main Street Industries, 931 E. Main Street, Suite 18, Madison, WI 53703. Instead, we find ourselves social distancing, concerned about the financial markets and a recession, attempting to navigate the unknown waters ahead, and realizing that cashflow has been halted forcing us to creatively find alternative sales channels. By collaborating on Forward Provisions – a collective project to bring high quality, artisan foods to our customers – we can share our delicious BABKA by [bayk] with our loyal supporters, friends, and fans.

Ernie's Kick Sauce

 Ernie’s African Kick Sauce is an original flavoring sauce infused with spices and other ingredients that are sure to give your meal a kick! EAKS can be used on all types of dishes –fish, chicken, beef or vegetarian. It can also be served as a condiment or dip with appetizers and as marinade. Spice Up Life and try it today for a delicious tongue sizzling experience. 

Gail Ambrosius

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier is a small local business in its 16th year. We create hand made artisan chocolates, specializing in single origin dark chocolate.  Using single-origin chocolate often makes it simpler to trace the cacao’s source. While Gail doesn’t insist on Fair Trade certification, which can be too expensive for most small growers and no guarantee of quality, she does her best to to determine that farmers are using sustainable practices and are paid well for their crops. To that end, she carefully selects her chocolate sources, often traveling to cacao-growing areas to see conditions for herself. The result is a variety of delicious products made of real chocolate—grown on trees by farmers, and transformed into truffles here in Wisconsin. We are grateful for all the support our community during this uncertain time. Gentle Breeze Honey

Gentle Breeze Honey

Gentle Breeze Honey, Inc. is working hard to keep our customers supplied with quality Wisconsin honey.  The impressive increase in sales since the onset of COVID-19 tells us that people are taking their health and enjoyment of eating quality food at home seriously!  Finding pleasure in the simple goodness of life can help us all patiently endure this strange season, and we are grateful for customers who add value to their lives with our honey products!  We are proud of the gracious and innovative spirit that companies and customers alike are exhibiting! 

KIN KIN Coffee

Kin-Kin Coffee is a coffee roasting company in Madison, WI. We supply fresh coffee to some of our favorite local cafes and restaurants as well as our own coffee shop, Johnson Public House. COVID-19 has impacted every facet of our business thus far. Most of the businesses we sell to have had to limit hours and services. We ourselves have had to cut hours and staff by 50%. Our goal as a business is to cultivate community through our physical spaces over cups of coffee. We were face to face with our community on the daily and we value our staff and customers above all else. Right now those interactions have become very different. We are incredibly moved by the amount of love we have been shown over the past few weeks and we hope the adaptations we have made on the fly will allow us to remain afloat and healthy to continue to serve the community we love. 

Landmark Creamery

Landmark Creamery uses lush sheep milk and buttery grass-fed cow milk to carefully create unique cheeses that represent the terroir of Southern Wisconsin. Like everyone, the current pandemic has rocked Landmark Creamery's world. In the course of a week, restaurants (one of our main revenue streams) shut down, small shops and distributors have scaled back dramatically and many outstanding invoices might never be paid. We quickly assessed our strengths and relationships, and leveraged our existing online structure and local customers to pivot to a home delivery model. We reached out to our farmer friends who also lost restaurant customers and farmers markets and now offer a complete home grocery delivery, from meat, veggies and eggs to chocolate and, of course, cheese. We are thrilled that our other artisan friends, like Quince & Apple, are also choosing to build community and support fellow small food businesses by offering this delicious box. Treat yourself, share these goods with your quarantine family and feel good since you are doing your part to stay at home AND continue to support the local food producers you love.

Madame Chu

Josey is a Singaporean native who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently lives in Sun Prairie, Wis. The taste of her native Singapore has always been her comfort food. She has been cooking and sharing her traditional Southeast Asian cuisine with her family and friends for decades. Based on rave reviews, Josey finally decided to produce and share the flavors of her grandmother’s recipes by recreating a collection of sauces and pastes. All Madame Chu's products are handmade in small batches and produced locally using all-natural ingredients (no MSG, non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian, no gluten added). The company offers handcrafted products representing the authentic flavors and techniques passed from generation to generation with a mission to fill the void of Southeast Asian flavors in the market.


ORIGIN Breads is a Madison-based bakery that is dedicated to baking small batches of handcrafted and long-fermented sourdough breads using only organic grains grown and stone milled in Wisconsin. In addition to the flour purchased from Meadowlark Organics, as ORIGIN Breads has grown over the past 3.5 years, we have been able to support more local organic farms and producers by sourcing ingredients such as vegetables, butter, eggs, milk and chocolate from within Wisconsin. While ORIGIN Breads remains open during the closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, wholesale business from restaurants, cafes and coffee shops has temporarily ceased and sales within co-ops and grocery stores are now beginning to slow down. Lower sales for us means lower sales for the local farms and producers we source from. We're all in this together and we appreciate your support during this challenging time for small local food businesses.


Potter’s Crackers

Potter’s whole grain, handmade, crackers, crisps and oysters are produced with locally sourced whole-wheat flour and local milk and butter in Madison Wisconsin. Most of the produce we use comes from small, local farms. The Covid-19 pandemic and the wave of uncertainty that it has created in our market has caused us to cut down our production and lay off about 40% of our staff.  It has made it impossible to forecast sales with any confidence which has thrown a loop in our capital expenditures pipeline as well as the decisions we would be making based off of the book cash that we have projected to come in.  


Saffi Foods

Sascha has always been passionate about connecting cultures and promoting sustainability. Post graduation, she moved to Chile to work with an extra virgin olive oil farm, where she learned what it takes to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and about the fraud in the olive oil industry. Her experience led her to create Saffi Foods, a line of premium quality ingredients in sustainable packaging for the health + environmentally conscious consumer. Sascha is socially isolating in Madison, WI with her 1-year son and husband. Saffi Foods products can normally be found in conscious farm-to-table restaurants and in the bulk section of co-ops and natural foods stores around the country. Since the beginning of March, bulk aisles are completely closed off, and restaurant traffic has plummeted. Saffi Foods is working with local farms and food companies to increase awareness of Saffi Foods and its mission to provide ultra premium kitchen essentials at prices for every kitchen. 


Underground Meats

Underground Meats is one of the most unique meat processing facilities in the state of Wisconsin, we are in fact the only artisan dry curing operation in the state, producing a wide variety of salami, charcuterie, fresh and smoked sausages by hand in small batches with a commitment to using locally sourced goods. The backbone of our business is small restaurants, independent cheese shops, coops, and grocers. Covid-19 has severely impacted our restaurant clientele, cutting our weekly sales drastically. 


Uplands Cheese Company

Uplands Cheese is a family dairy farm in Dodgeville, WI.  Our cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, is sold nationwide in specialty food stores and restaurants, both of which have seen business come to an abrupt halt in the past week.  As our ability to distribute cheese and generate income is largely frozen, we are extremely grateful for the support of our local customers.  Thank you!!

WM Chocolate

WM Chocolate

Wm. Chocolate is an artisan chocolate maker founded by Madison-native William Marx in 2016, with a focus on responsible sourcing and whole-food ingredients. I rely on in-person events and small partner stores to share and sell my products, and event cancelations and store closures due to COVID-19 have certainly been a challenge. Fortunately, many customers have kindly supported my work by shopping online during these unusual times. Thank you in advance for continuing to support my peers and I through Forward Provisions!